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Un temps gris d'automne, un temps noir d'apocalypse.

We were walking down the road, watching every steps through our innocents eyes, avoiding the holes that crossed our path. We were looking at the bright light right in front of us, like there was nothing to worry about. We thought we were invincible, shiny like young men. Everything was sewn together like a benevolent tapestry with unbreakable nodes. And you fell...

The nodes became looser, the tapestry torn apart, with flames devouring its peace. Innocence was suf-focating beyond the black ashes. The colors started to fade, my eyes shut down, my memories collapsed, the whole world became corrupted and there was nothing I could do about it. Stars were launched by planes, they travelled through the sky. A tree grew and humanity fell into dust, and it turned to sand. Monuments crashed on the ground, the flags were burned and torn apart, people were killing people, wolves were crying wolves, coil was burning red, and children were eating dust.

And the seasons were blind.


from Blind, released August 18, 2014



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Snow Shards France

Deep forest, warm amp and analog synth.

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