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haidennn Douceur et pincement au coeur à la fois Favorite track: Nous Nous Réjouissons Des Longues Nuits.
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Blind is Snow Shards' debut album.

Everything was home recorded between February 2013 and August 2014.

Watch "Blind" trailer here :


released August 18, 2014

Snow Shards is Jérémie Godet

A really big thanks to all of my friends, Awake In Sleep, Jinkstraüm and to my family.


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Snow Shards France

Deep forest, warm amp and analog synth.

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Track Name: Corrupted
Track Name: Expecting Apollo 13 To Crash On My Face
When everything is lost
When no hope remains
When your whole life is corrupted
When everything is about to collapse

Nothing to wait for
No one to think of
Feeling of a dying star
Feeling of a falling man

I’m expecting Apollo 13 to crash on my face
To crash on my face
Track Name: Wretched
I waited so long to meet you
I ran across the very deep dark places
That you made up with embers of others
I've seen light in this tight corridor and
I expected everything, received nothing
Yet, you seemed to be so perfect

Is this the face that you wanted me to see?

Oh wretched gods, just forsake this.
Track Name: Breathing Snow
Track Name: Night
"Good night, and good luck"
Track Name: Nous Nous Réjouissons Des Longues Nuits
I'll be where the light fall

And while you'll enjoy the light
We would be delighted with the long nights

And nothing can scare
Nothing can scare us

Track Name: Ruins
Track Name: Jezvinec

“Can you please bring help? It's scaring us! He is standing beyond the tree... Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god!
He is looking at me, he has no face, his face is gone, he is coming!”

Track Name: Treacherous Beast
And I was like : Yeah, we are... We are not invincible, you know. That's a tough thing to say but everybody's going to die so... There it is. We just have to wait and wait for things to happen. That's how the world works. There is nothing we can do for it, but I think it won't last forever. Everything is going to vanish and maybe someday, something will stop that routine. But I don't think so. Everything is going to collapse. Everything is corrupted. I refuse to live, as I've always did : blind. I don't want to be like that anymore. I don't want to...
What if life was a treacherous beast ? What if life was not like we think it is ? What if life was just an inevitable death ? I don't know. The last thing I am going to say is this:
— We were blind, all along our lives.
Track Name: No One Lives Anymore

“And I felt over, dead. And I woke up in this place that was all light... There was nothing in there... This can't be my eternity, and this sure isn't heaven... And I couldn't run out of this place...”

No one lives anymore
Track Name: Blind
Un temps gris d'automne, un temps noir d'apocalypse.

We were walking down the road, watching every steps through our innocents eyes, avoiding the holes that crossed our path. We were looking at the bright light right in front of us, like there was nothing to worry about. We thought we were invincible, shiny like young men. Everything was sewn together like a benevolent tapestry with unbreakable nodes. And you fell...

The nodes became looser, the tapestry torn apart, with flames devouring its peace. Innocence was suf-focating beyond the black ashes. The colors started to fade, my eyes shut down, my memories collapsed, the whole world became corrupted and there was nothing I could do about it. Stars were launched by planes, they travelled through the sky. A tree grew and humanity fell into dust, and it turned to sand. Monuments crashed on the ground, the flags were burned and torn apart, people were killing people, wolves were crying wolves, coil was burning red, and children were eating dust.

And the seasons were blind.

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